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Top Girl Group Star Faces Severe Backlash Because Of Her Husband’s Violent Behavior

The aftermath of a heated baseball game unexpectedly made T-ARA‘s Jiyeon a target. Fans directed their anger toward her following her husband’s reckless actions on the field.

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The controversy erupted during a game between the Hanwha Eagles and KT Wiz after Hanwha pitcher Park Sang Won provoked the other team by celebrating in an unnecessary manner despite his team’s considerable lead. The celebrations agitated veteran KT players, including Hwang Jae Gyun, who is married to Jiyeon.

The altercation escalated quickly as Hwang started angrily walking towards the other team’s bench, but thankfully, the two managers intervened to calm things down. Following the game, it seems fans have started targeting Jiyeon as she has been receiving a barrage of malicious comments on social media.

According to wikitree, frustrated fans unfairly lashed out at the T-ARA star, angered by her husband’s reckless demeanor. Comments such as “Control your husband,” “What’s with your husband’s attitude?” and “I thought your husband was a gangster” have been all over Jiyeon’s posts on YouTube and Instagram. Such remarks were not only hurtful but also unjustified, given Jiyeon’s complete disconnection from the incident.

However, Jiyeon did find some support amid the backlash. Many fans defended her, arguing that the criticism should be directed solely at the players involved and not at their families. Some netizens left comments like, “Leave Jiyeon out of this,” and, “What did she do wrong?” in attempt to defend the star from the unfair criticism.

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Hwang Jae Gyun and Jiyeon have been married since December 2022 and are often celebrated for their strong and enduring relationship. Their relationship — which was made public even before the marriage announcement — has always been regarded as a “perfect match” by Korean netizens.

| @jiyeon2__/Instagram

Meanwhile, Hwang has not yet addressed his behavior at the game. Netizens are hoping the unfair backlash against Jiyeon will soon calm down.

Source: wikitree


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