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Jang Nara and Nam Ji-hyun learn to become a Good Partner

Jang Nara and Nam Ji-hyun learn to become a Good Partner

SBS has dropped its first teaser for upcoming legal drama Good Partner, starring Jang Nara (My Happy Ending) and Nam Ji-hyun (High Cookie) as polar opposite divorce attorneys. Though their clashing interests put them at odds, sometimes differences can lead to growth, and as the title suggests, our two leading ladies eventually learn to become good partners while working together.

As the firm’s star attorney, Cha Eun-kyung (Jang Nara) struts into the office with her head held high while the rest of the staff bow and look up to her. Known for her strict personality, Eun-kyung goes through new hires at an alarming rate, and her colleague points out that three left just last month because of her. Her response to their mass quitting: “Kids these days are so weak.”

To fill in this gap, newbie Han Yuri (Nam Ji-hyun) joins the team, and fellow attorney Jeon Eun-ho, played by Pyo Ji-hoon (Mouse), welcomes her with a bright smile and congratulations. Yuri, though, is confused about her new position, and her nervousness only gets worse when she meets Eun-kyung who berates her for even staring in her direction.

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Everything Yuri does seems to irritate Eun-kyung, and the veteran attorney mockingly asks her junior if she happens to be a social justice warrior. Even when Yuri assures a client to just trust her, Eun-kyung scoffs and repeats her words with derision.

However, things take a turn when our two attorneys face against a crowd of reporters, and Yuri says that they can’t go back to hell. Instead, she suggests punishing them, and as if responding to her answer, Eun-kyung replies, “I like it.” Unfortunately, things will probably remain bumpy for a while between these two since the teaser then ends with Yuri worriedly asking if she means her.

Directed by Kim Ga-ram (Nevertheless) and written by divorce attorney Choi Yoo-na, SBS’s Good Partner is slated for sixteen episodes and premieres July 12 in the Friday-Saturday slot.



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