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What Happened To “TaeTae Language?” BTS’s V Reveals How He Changed

Throughout the last decade of BTS‘s career, V has grown up from a quirky boy to a mature young man. In a recent livestream, he shared a big part of him that changed.

V (2013) 
V (2023) 

RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook sat down for a final livestream before their upcoming enlistment. When Jimin was stumbling over his words, he joked that he was using “TaeTae Language” because he’s with V.

“TaeTae Language” refers to V’s cute way of speaking where he often combines words to make new ones.

Sometimes, he can also say things in a unique way that may be hard to understand. However, it always makes perfect sense to him!

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However, V revealed that he thinks his “TaeTae Language” is a thing of the past! He believes his speaking has improved overtime.

In the beginning of BTS’s career, he would get advice from the members. His heart rate would be so high that he couldn’t speak well!

However, since so much time has gone by, V is now confident in his speaking abilities.

The members even referred to him as the best speaker and complimented his intelligence.

However, it seems like Jimin is the new member using “TaeTae Languae!” He jokes that he hasn’t gone out much and his speaking skills have suffered.

We’re going to miss V’s cute “TaeTae Language” moments!

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