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Park Min-young reclaims her life in Please Marry My Husband

I don’t mean to be patronizing to my fellow Beanies, but something makes me want to defend PMY. Yes I may be partial to her, but apart from that my empathy also comes from the fact that I HAVE ACTUALLY struggled with weight issues. So I know what a headache it is to manage other people’s comments on top your fragile self-image. I also know that a comment like “oh, you’re so skinny” hurts as much as “oh, you’re so fat”, and so does having people (close friends, of all people!) monitor your appearance constantly.

For a celebrity like PMY, WE DON’T KNOW for sure WHAT exactly she’s going through, or IF she’s even going through ANYTHING at all and it’s not just a buzz ignited by one person’s or our collective imagination. So, in so worrying about the health of an actress based just on her APPEARANCE, who otherwise seems perfectly fine and professional to me, we are adding to her issues (her ex boyfriend or whatever) not doing her a favor!

Why do we forget that she is a professional actor for god’s sake! Aren’t they supposed to gain and lose weight according to a character’s requirement? What’s so new about it? I don’t see why it should be correlated to her personal life! To me it seems a decision she made solely to play a terminally ill character, which absolutely makes sense! It makes sense to look a little “sickly” when you are playing a sick character, doesn’t it?

PS: Forgive me for being a little passionate, but these words come from the heart of someone who KNOWS what eating disorders are in the deepest sense! And I ALSO happened to know and worked with some professional actors (stage actors who did bit-parts on screen), who believe it or not, will do ANYTHING just for one role because when acting is your only source of livelihood, you have to! And I am not gonna judge them for it!


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