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6 Hints From The Past That Showed EXO’s Chen Was In A Relationship

After breaking news of EXO Chen‘s marriage and soon-to-be born child, fans have showed different reactions to the news. While some were happy for him and supported the news, some felt betrayed by him. Fans began posting photos and evidence online revealing hints from the past that showed that Chen had been in a relationship all this time.


1. Health Trainer Comment Interactions


On an Instagram post made by Chen’s girlfriends health trainer, she posted a comment that read, “Buy me food too…why do you only like Jongdae. Like me too!” His girlfriend introduced him to her health trainer, so they all know one another.




She even writes, “I wish I could do #lovestagram too. So corny.”



Chen’s girlfriend: I’m healthy I was out of breath going up two flights of stairs

Health trainer: Go exercise with your boyfriend

Chen’s girlfriend: Boyfriend? What do you mean haha



She uses EXO in her hashtags and talks about how she enjoys EXO’s songs.


2. Going to Concerts With Friends


An acquaintance of his girlfriend posted about going to a musical Chen was in on Instagram.



Another pic of her going to an EXO concert with friends.




A friend thanking her for getting her VIP seats to an EXO concert.


Another photo of a concert ticket.


3. Social Media Posts


She posts about Chen using the initials ‘ㄷㅈㅇ’ which stands for Chen’s nickname of ‘Dajung-ee’.



A photo of bubble bath Chen bought for her as a present from Japan. She uses the hashtag #JD in her post as well.



Fans say that this video includes Chen’s voice.



His girlfriend posts about wanting to go on tour with him.


4. Plane Tickets


Photos were leaked of the two going on a trip to LA together.




5. Couple Items

Fans captured similar accessories worn by both of them.



6. Jewelry Shop

The two were spotted at a Jewelry shop supposedly looking at rings together.



What are your thoughts on this? Did you already know this would happen?

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