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Chen – Your Moonlight – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 첸 (Chen)Song: 너의 달빛 (Your Moonlight)Album: 브람스를 좋아하세요? (Do You Like Brahms?) OST Part.3Year: 2020 Lyrics Translation: At the end of the road that I’ve walked several timesI was happy to see youI’m still happy Advertisements Our familiar path ohI want you to stay with meBy my side oh love I can see your […]

CHEN – Breath (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: CHEN Song: 숨 (Breath) Album: 숨 (Breath) Year: 2020 Advertisements Hangul: 오늘 하루 쉴 숨이 오늘 하루 쉴 곳이 오늘만큼 이렇게 또 한번 살아가 침대 밑에 놓아둔 지난 밤에 꾼 꿈이 지친 맘을 덮으며 눈을 감는다 괜찮아 남들과는 조금은 다른 모양 속에 나 홀로 잠들어 다시 오는 아침에 눈을 뜨면 웃고프다 오늘 같은 밤 […]

Here’s Why EXO’s Chen Is Actually Destined To Be A Great Father, According To Astrology

EXO‘s Chen and his wife have recently confirmed the news that their daughter has been born… Advertisements …and EXO-Ls all over the world showed their love and support by welcoming the baby and calling her as “EXO’s Princess”. Congrats jongdae oppa! I'm so happy for you. You are gonna be an amazing father and I wish nothing […]

6 K-Drama OSTs to Bring Back the Feels

Imagine you’re listening to your playlist and all of a sudden the OST from your favorite drama comes on shuffle, and every feeling you felt when you watched the drama all comes rushing to you. There’s no doubt that OSTs intensify our feelings towards the drama and its characters. It can make us imagine sad […]

International EXO-Ls Band Together To Block Attempts At Chen’s Removal From EXO

International fans are banding together to show support for EXO‘s Chen and are urging SM Entertainment to protect the group as well. Advertisements   Responding to a petition demanding Chen’s removal from the group due to his marriage and pregnancy news, EXO Global, a large international fanbase of EXO, made an official statement in showing their support […]

Korean Netizen Leaks Photos Of EXO Chen’s Newlywed Home

After EXO‘s Chen announced his engagement to his non-celebrity girlfriend, various online communities started leaking photos of the idol’s newlywed bedroom and living room. Advertisements The netizen who posted the photos claimed that they came from his girlfriend’s Instagram from posts dated back in August 2018. The apartment is allegedly located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. The […]

EXO Chen’s Allegedly Bought $1.4 Million Honeymoon Apartment And Luxury Furnitures For His Fiancée

EXO‘s Chen is reportedly gearing up for his upcoming wedding and baby by preparing his honeymoon home with his fiancée! News reports claim he recently purchased a luxury apartment in Seoul for 1.6 billion won (~$1.4 million USD). Advertisements   An online post uploaded photos of his alleged honeymoon apartment claiming that Chen’s fiancée has […]

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