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A royal kidnapping in The Crown Prince Has Disappeared

A royal kidnapping in The Crown Prince Has Disappeared

We’ve had a man abducting widows, and now it’s time for a role reversal in MBN’s The Crown Prince Has Disappeared. When the crown prince of Joseon is kidnapped by his betrothed, a kerfuffle ensues and a royal romantic comedy unfolds.

The teaser opens with Suho (Behind Your Touch) as the titular crown prince Lee Geon, while a wistful voiceover wonders what kind of person he is (and what to do if he’s too handsome, LOL). We see him carry himself as a dutiful crown prince would, respectfully bowing to the king and calmly fishing by the palace pond. Geon may appear fragile on the outside, but he’s said to harbor an inner resilience that will hopefully tide him through his impending crisis.

Meanwhile, our heroine Choi Myung-yoon — played by Hong Ye-ji (Love Song for Illusion) — has just been selected as the future crown princess. Looking right into the camera, she delivers an adorable wink, effectively shooting Cupid’s arrow into Minkyu’s (Maestra – Strings of Truth) heart. He’s Prince Doseong, and he can’t help but follow Myung-yoon around like a lovestruck puppy.

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He isn’t the only one who’s fallen for Myung-yoon’s charms. In the forest, Myung-yoon asks a dazed Geon if he’s hurt anywhere else, to which he earnestly answers, “My heart?” Myung-yoon: “You wanna die?” Ha, we’ve got a no-nonsense leading lady here. The feisty Myung-yoon has no qualms about pushing a blindfolded Geon over a wall or shutting down his childish whining, earning an indignant glare from our pampered prince.

More upheaval comes Geon’s way when he’s suddenly whisked away without a single trace, leaving the palace in a state of flux. The queen dowager Myung Se-bin (Doctor Cha) asks if Geon has been found, while the royal physician Kim Joo-hun (Castaway Diva) has his doubts. “Are you sure it was the crown prince? Any possibility it was someone else?” Curiouser and curiouser.

“This time, I don’t have much of a choice,” an elderly monk says, as he burns a talisman over two paper dolls of a bride and groom. Elsewhere, our royal couple lie in their wedding garb, with Geon blindfolded and gagged. While the monk prays, the queen dowager proclaims that Geon is a sinner who’s seen things he shouldn’t and learned things he ought to remain ignorant of.

Doseong disagrees with this assessment, declaring that there’s no way his brother could be such a person. Determined to find his missing brother, Doseong sets out on horseback and draws his sword, but Myung-yoon counters that he’s headed towards his own demise. With his safety hanging in the balance, Geon vows, “I will return, no matter what. Please wait for me.”

Helmed by PD Kim Jin-man (Rebel — Thief Who Stole the People), with scripts written by the Bossam – Steal the Fate duo of Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul, The Crown Prince Has Disappeared will premiere on March 9.




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