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Actor Ji Soo To Reportedly Enlist In The Military Later This Year

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Actor Ji Soo will reportedly be enlisting in the military soon!

As a result of one Korean news outlet reports, the actor is set to enlist as a public service worker later this year, in October. He will undergo basic military training for 4 weeks before completing the rest of his duties as a public service worker.

He will enlist as a public service worker due to the surgery he had in 2016. According to reports, he’s received the draft notice in December of 2020.

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While some netizens seem to believe that he’s ‘running away’ to the military due to the controversies he’s involved in, it’s highly unlikely he would’ve been able to delay his enlistment regardless of whether a controversy broke out since he was born in 1993, he must enlist in the military this year according to Korean military laws.

The public sentiment towards Ji Soo is largely negative. He stepped down from “River Where The Moon Rises” due to the severe bullying accusations made against him and pulled from various CF deals. He has since issued an apology letter but he’s still facing massive backlash as more alleged victims are coming forward with testimonies against him.

His agency has stated through an official press release that they would be looking into the allegations made against him.

His agency has yet to address the accusations made against him or confirm his enlistment date.

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