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GOT The Beat – Step Back

You must step backWhat’re you looking at?Who do you think you are to pull up on me?This is the time for you to step backAnd shut upOr else you can try climbing your way up to meDo you think I liked you?Like playing house when we were kids?I’m sure you tried so hard to appeal […]

WJSN Chocome – Super Yuppers (슈퍼 그럼요)

My name is Super Yuppers Always yes (yes) today as well (yes)Bright smile energyWhenever they look for me, it’s always yes yes yes(yes yes yes)During the day, yes (yes) even at night (yes)Regardless of time and placeLike a sheriff who shines a light in the dark night, yes yes yes(yes yes yes) Across the universe, […]

The Rose – Beauty And The Beast (미녀와 야수)

Our love storyThat could never come trueLike Beauty and the Beast When people see usThey shake their headsCause I’m the beastbut you are the beauty You’re beauty The last flower petal is fallingI think I’m under a spellBeautiful love you and IIt’s a beautiful life you and I You’re BeautyThe withering flower is blooming againI […]

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