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Falling into the world of Today’s Webtoon with Kim Se-jung

Falling into the world of Today’s Webtoon with Kim Se-jung

Promos are ramping up for SBS’s upcoming Today’s Webtoon, and we’ve been treated to a slew of new character stills as well as a short video teaser that feature our main cast.

The office drama stars Kim Se-jung (Business Proposal) as the bright and energetic Ohn Ma-eum, whose optimistic personality earned her the nickname, “Human Vitamin.” Formerly a judo athlete, the story follows her growth as she enters the webtoon industry and starts working as a rookie editor.

Daniel Choi (Ghost Detective) plays Ohn’s direct boss, the managing editor Seok Ji-hyung. In his own way, he quietly looks out for the junior staff, providing support as needed, and developing a mentoring relationship with them.

Nam Yoon-soo’s (The King’s Affection) Gu Joon-young, on the other hand, will have more of a clashing relationship with our heroine. Although a fellow rookie editor, he hails from a completely different background and is described as an “uhm-chin-ah” – the perfect son of your mother’s friend who you always get compared to.

Supporting cast includes, among others, editor-in-chief Park Ho-san (Monstrous), legendary webtoon creator Kim Gab-soo (I Haven’t Done My Best Yet), established writer Im Chul-soo (Alchemy of Souls), and Highlight’s Sohn Dong-woon as a celebrity writer.

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The teaser begins with a blast of retro music as we cycle through the titles of popular comics and webtoons in South Korea over the years. As Ohn Ma-eum works at her computer, her eyes start to sparkle in amazement at what she sees. She then – quite literally – gets sucked into her screen and we close on Ohn free-falling through the webtoon world.

The drama has PD Jo Soo-won (Pinocchio, Thirty But Seventeen) and PD Kim Young-hwan at the helm, with scripts penned by Jo Yeh-rang and Lee Jae-eun, and will premiere July 29, following Why Her? in the Friday-Saturday slot.

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