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News bites: June 18, 2022

News bites: June 18, 2022

  • Sporting a cute bob, Kim Se-jung (Business Proposal) is pictured with Daniel Choi (Ghost Detective) and Nam Yoon-soo (The King’s Affection) at SBS’s first script reading for Today’s Webtoon. Premiering next month on July 29, the rom-com was co-directed by PD Jo Soo-won and PD Kim Young-hwan, with scripts penned by Jo Yeh-rang and Lee Jae-eun. [SBS]
  • Jo Seung-woo (Sisyphus) has been secured by JTBC for their new drama Sacred Divorce. Based on a popular webtoon, the story is about a pianist/music professor who becomes a divorce lawyer after experiencing a turning point in his life. Planned for an early 2023 broadcast, writing will be done by Yoo Young-ah (Thirty-Nine). [YTN]
  • On the tvN front, photos were released for the Adamas script reading, featuring the main cast of Ji Sung (The Devil Judge), Seo Ji-hye (Kiss Sixth Sense), and Lee Soo-kyung (Law School), among others. Written by Choi Tae-kang and directed by PD Park Seung-woo, the newly released teaser confirms a July 27 premiere. [News1]

  • tvN’s First Lady now has Lee Sang-yoon (One the Woman), Lee Jia (Penthouse 3), Park Ki-woong (You Raise Me Up), and Jang Hee-jin (The Red Sleeve Cuff) on the casting table. PD Choi Young-hoon (One the Woman) is attached to direct with writing done by makjang queen Kim Soon-ok (Penthouse, An Empress’s Dignity). [Xports News (1), (2), (3)]
  • Over on Netflix, Squid Game’s second season was announced in a teaser this week. Production remains in the talented hands of the first season’s director, Hwang Dong-hyuk (Miss Granny). Applications are also open for the Squid Game reality show. This being real-life, of course, they do include the disclaimer that exiting players will leave empty-handed, but unscathed. [MBC (1), (2)]
  • Netflix gave the green light for Sweet Home to continue its story as well in season two and three. Reprising their roles are Song Kang (Forecasting Love and Weather), Lee Jin-wook (Welcome to Wedding Hell), Lee Shi-young (Grid), Go Min-shi (Jirisan), and Park Kyu-young (Dal-li and Gamjatang). Newly joining the series are Yoo Oh-sung (The Veil), Oh Jung-se (Uncle), Kim Mu-yeol (Juvenile Justice), and Jinyoung (Police University). [YTN]

  • Stills from the script reading were also put out by TVING for their romance To the X Who Doesn’t Love Me. Written and directed by Go Jae-hong, with writing by Wang Hye-ji, the drama launches this July and stars a fresh-faced cast: Han Ji-hyo (Tomorrow), NCT’s Do-young (Cafe Midnight 3: The Curious Stalker), and Kwon Ah-reum. [Ilgan Sports]
  • MBC has lined up a new sageuk rom-com called The Forbidden Marriage, featuring rising stars Park Joo-hyun (Love All Play), Kim Young-dae (Shooting Stars), and Kim Woo-seok (Military Prosecutor Doberman). Adapted from a popular web novel, the drama will be written by the original author Chun Ji-hye with directing helmed collaboratively by PD Park Sang-woo (No Second Chances) and PD Jung Hoon. [MBC]
  • ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo released new posters ahead of the premiere on June 29, featuring our heroine Park Eun-bin (The King’s Affection) at her new job. Also seen are her co-stars: Kang Tae-oh (Doom at Your Service), Kang Ki-young (A Moment at Eighteen), Ha Yoon-kyung (Hospital Playlist 2), and Joo Jong-hyuk (Happiness). [Sports Seoul]


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