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Jumping fences with Honey Lee in MBC’s Knight Flower

Jumping fences with Honey Lee in MBC’s Knight Flower

MBC has been busily dishing out promos for their upcoming Knight Flower and we’ve got a triple whammy of Honey Lee (One the Woman) this week in the comedy-sageuk’s first teaser and stills, along with another great poster.

As Jo Yeo-hwa (Honey Lee), our heroine is the supposedly demure daughter-in-law to a revered noble family. But it’s now been 15 long years since her husband died, early in their marriage, and the teaser begins by taking us through the restrictions in Yeo-hwa’s life as a widow.

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Dressed in mourning white, Yeo-hwa stands atop the dreaded sageuk cliff and we hear people gossiping in voiceover how widows can’t travel beyond their household gates and that there’s nothing they can do of use. Indeed, Yeo-hwa’s daily tasks are limited to visiting the family shrine, demonstrating piety to her late husband.

But social pressures be damned, our resilient Yeo-hwa will not stay fenced in and can’t just idly stand by when there’s people in need she can help. With the shield of nightfall – as well as a handy disguise – she flies over the forbidden walls and deftly takes down her opponents.

Yeo-hwa confidently explains that, “I haven’t been discovered by anyone for several years and I won’t be in future as well.” Of course, this means someone’s about to find out very soon and my money is on officer Park Su-ho – played by Lee Jong-won (The Golden Spoon) – who will be running into Yeo-hwa on one of her nightly adventures, eventually leading him to join her cause.

Other contenders are Yeo-hwa’s father-in-law Kim Sang-joong (The Banker) as well as Su-ho’s older brother Lee Ki-woo (Miraculous Brothers). Returning to the teaser, we come to a close as the text screens announce that, “The masked widow is coming, who is different by day and night.”

Production for the series is being led by a team of five, with writers Lee Saem and Jung Myung-in penning the scripts, and directing helmed by PD Jang Tae-yoo (Lovers of the Red Sky, Hyena), PD Choi Jung-in (On the Verge of Insanity), and PD Lee Chang-woo.

Premiering next year on January 12, MBC’s Knight Flower will be broadcasting in the weekend slot, following The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.

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