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Korean Security Advisor Resigns Allegedly Due To Issues Surrounding BLACKPINK’s Invite To Perform At The US State Dinner

BLACKPINK is undoubtedly one of the biggest groups in the world, and the members are always showcasing their global influence at some of the biggest events.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbs_kpop/Twitter

It seems like their influence has become even more prominent and become a hot topic after the resignation of Kim Sung Han, a national security adviser.

Kim Sung Han during the press conference | Yonhap News

Yet, what shocked fans the most was the apparent reason that has been cited by major news outlets. According to reports, First Lady Jill Biden gave the offer to invite BLACKPINK to perform at a state dinner President Biden planned to host when Yoon visits Washington next month.

While YG Entertainment confirmed the request earlier in the week that the group was asked to perform with Lady Gaga

YG Entertainment Confirms BLACKPINK Was Requested To Perform In Front Of U.S. President Joe Biden And Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol

It seems like the miscommunication could’ve caused the adviser’s resignation.

In a segment from a news program, the host revealed that while many of those in the government have been aware of the request for a while, the President was not notified, adding, “They had omitted at least six related reports to President Yoon by early this month.”

Alongside this, it was reported that President Yoon belatedly heard the news through the Foreign Ministry line and was said to be furious.

The report also claimed that while parties were made aware of the request recently, the longevity of the time it took for all parties to communicate could have impacted the relationship between South Korea and America.

It was for these reasons that Kim Sung Han resigned yesterday in the form of voluntarily resignation. The host ended by saying that it was poor handling and would reflect badly on the government if officials had to resign due to issues with K-Pop.

When the news broke, netizens couldn’t get over what had happened. Many saw it as disrespectful to both the parties in America coordinating the event and also to BLACKPINK, who was given a huge opportunity to showcase their influence.

While nothing has been confirmed, the biggest Korean outlets have shone a huge light on the issue.
Source: Yonhap News and @BLACKPINKGLOBAl



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