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Lee Jun-ki to be reincarnated in SBS’s Again My Life

Lee Jun-ki to be reincarnated in SBS’s Again My Life

My forever oppar Lee Jun-ki (Flower of Evil) is making his comeback in Again My Life as a reincarnated prosecutor. It’s a drama adaptation of a web novel by the same name, about a man who is given a second chance at life after dying an unfair, premature death.

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Lee Jun-ki plays Kim Hee-woo, the main character, who is multi-skilled, coldly logical, tenacious, and decisive. When he begins investigating powerful corrupt figures in society, he finds that there is financial, political rot tied in with a shady cartel.

He returns to life solely with the purpose of taking out the criminal mastermind Jo Tae-sub, played by Lee Kyung-young (A Couple’s World, Hyena). Jo Tae-sub is a powerful kingmaker who appears to be a righteous man. But in the shadows, he puts his people in power through dirty tricks and unsavory methods.

Kim Ji-eun (The Veil) plays Kim Hee-ah, the manager of an economics research team within the Cheonha conglomerate. She’s also the youngest daughter of the Cheonha chaebol family, and she’s a risk-taker with an elite education. She joins forces with Kim Hee-woo in order to protect her family from the storm that’s about to rain down on corrupt chaebols.

Co-written by Jay and Kim Yul and directed by Han Chul-soo (Graceful Family), Again My Life will begin airing on SBS in 2022.

Lee Kyung-young, Kim Ji-eun

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