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News bites: November 14, 2023

News bites: November 14, 2023

  • New character posters have dropped for tvN’s Maestra: Strings of Truth, showcasing our intense quartet: Lee Young-ae (Inspector Koo), Lee Moo-saeng (The Glory), Kim Young-jae (Numbers), and Hwang Boreumbyeol (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse). The music-mystery premieres next month on December 9, following Castaway Diva in the weekend slot. [News1]
  • A new poster has also come out for ENA’s Tell Me You Love Me, with romance blossoming for our melodrama’s leads, Jung Woo-sung (Fly Dragon) and Shin Hyun-bin (Reborn Rich). Adapted from the 1995 Japanese drama by a similar title, the Korean remake will be cozying our hearts later this month on November 27. [MBC]

  • Ji Chang-wook (The Worst of Evil) may be returning to action pretty soon, going head to head with D.O. (Bad Prosecutor) as our delicious villain in a new revenge series called Sculptured City (roughly translated). With both actors currently in talks, production is in the early stages under filmmaker Kim Chang-joo (Hard Hit) and screenwriter Oh Sang-ho (Taxi Driver 2). [Newsen (1), (2)]
  • MBC has been busily releasing their 2024 plans and confirmed that Wonderful World has been slotted onto the schedule, which is currently in filming. Starring Kim Nam-joo (Misty), Cha Eun-woo (Good Day to Be a Dog), Kim Kang-woo (Artificial City), and Im Se-mi (The Worst of Evil), the suspense-thriller will be airing in the weekend slot. PD Lee Seung-young (Tracer) is at the helm with scripts by Kim Ji-eun (Lies of Lies). [JTBC]

  • Speaking of thrillers, TV Chosun’s upcoming My Happy End released stills from the drama’s first script reading, headlined by Jang Nara (Family: The Unbreakable Bond) and Sohn Ho-joon (The First Responders 2). Also starring So Yi-hyun (Red Shoes) and Lee Ki-taek (Perfect Shot), the series will be launching on December 30. [Osen]
  • It’s double the Ji Chang-wook today, with script reading stills dropping for JTBC’s Welcome to Samdalri – in addition to a new poster of our friends-to-lovers leads. With Shin Hye-sun (See You in My 19th Life) as our heroine, the healing rom-com premieres in just over two weeks, coming to our screens on December 2. [MBC (1), (2)]


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