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News bites: May 22, 2024

News bites: May 22, 2024

  • After initially being slotted for SBS, the crime-comedy Seoul Busters (previously Not Very Strong But Charming Violent Crimes Unit) has secured a new home on Disney+ and will be launching this September. With Kim Dong-wook (Delightfully Deceitful) leading our ragtag team of bottom-tier cops, the drama also stars Park Ji-hwan (Gyeongseong Creature 1), Seo Hyun-woo (Uncle Samsik), Park Se-wan (Doona), and Lee Seung-woo (Vigilante). [MBC, Sports Chosun]
  • Jung Kyung-ho (Crash Course in Romance) has confirmed casting for his next project, taking on the title role in MBC’s Labor Attorney Noh Mu-jin (working title). As our ghost-seeing hero who is forced to help the dead with their unresolved labor woes, the fantasy-comedy also has Seol In-ah (Twinkling Watermelon) and Cha Hak-yeon (Castaway Diva) reviewing offers. Slated to air in 2025, the series has filmmaker Im Soon-rye (The Point Men, Little Forest) at the helm with scripts by Kim Bo-tong (D.P.). [MBC]

  • New posters are out for Wavve’s upcoming High School Return of a Gangster, showcasing our young student heroes, Yoon Chan-young (Delivery Man) and Bong Jae-hyun (Twinkling Watermelon). With the former becoming possessed by the spirit of mobster Lee Seo-jin (Behind Every Star) in a special guest appearance, the fantasy will soon be coming to our screens on May 29 next week. [News1]
  • ENA announced that the crime-thriller Your Honor has been lined up on the docks and will be broadcasting after Crash concludes this summer. Based on the Israeli TV series Kvodo, the story pits Sohn Hyun-joo (Captivating the King) against Kim Myung-min (Law School), with each man desperate to do their best for their own son. Production has PD Pyo Min-soo (Moon in the Day, The Producers) both writing and directing. [News1]

  • It’s been busy on the LG front as well, with No Way Out: The Roulette confirming a July premiere on U+ Mobile TV. In a hefty ensemble cast, the mystery is headlined by a detective Jo Jin-woong (The Good Bad Mother) and a ransom-targeted felon Yoo Jae-myung (Uncle Samsik), together with Yeom Jung-ah (Cleaning Up), Kim Mu-yeol (Sweet Home 2), and Taiwanese actor Greg Hsu (Someday or One Day) among other talents. [Sports Donga]
  • LG also dropped a new poster for the omnibus-style horror Tarot, which has yet to confirm an air date for the series. In the meantime, a film cut combining three of the episodes will be releasing in South Korean theaters this June. Written by Kyung Min-sun with PD Choi Byung-gil (High Class) directing, the film version will contain the segments starring Jo Yeo-jung (Behind Every Star), YouTuber/celebrity personality Dex, and Go Kyu-pil (Frankly Speaking). [MBC]


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