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Long live the king Jo Jung-seok in tvN’s Sejak, the Enchanted

Long live the king Jo Jung-seok in tvN’s Sejak, the Enchanted

The promos have taken off for tvN’s upcoming Sejak, the Enchanted, showcasing the romance-sageuk’s cast with the first script reading stills, led by Jo Jung-seok (Hospital Playlist 2) and Shin Se-kyung (Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun).

As the (fictional) Lee In, Jo Jung-seok plays a powerful but pitiful king, who hadn’t intended to sit on the throne – at least, not initially. He had had a caring relationship with his older brother Lee Sun and dedicated his life to serving Sun. He was even taken hostage by the Qing for the sake of his brother, but In’s devotion became misconstrued as rebellion, leading Hyung to turn his back on In.

During this time of turmoil, In meets a nameless, gambling baduk player – played by Shin Se-kyung – whose real name is Kang Hee-soo. Thus begins another cruel fate as both become drawn by the other’s charms. The wrench, of course, is that Hee-soo is a sejak (meaning spy in Korean), and she’s torn between her drive for revenge and her growing feelings for Lee In.

But the complications are aplenty in our story and Lee Shin-young’s (CEO-dol Mart) Kim Myung-ha is a man who will fight for Hee-soo, even if she’s already rejected him. As the son of the minister of war, Myung-ha boasts power and nobility, in addition to his archery and swordsmanship skills.

Inside the palace, Park Ye-young (Summer Strike) has been eyeing Lee In for a very long time as the ~mysterious~ Court Lady Dong. Shrouded in secrets from serving two kings, Dong wields a highly influential position within the palace household.

Rounding out the story, we have a powerhouse of supporting characters as well, including Hee-soo’s dad Sohn Hyun-joo (The Good Detective 2), the Minister of War Jo Sung-ha (Our Blooming Youth), and the Queen Dowager Jang Young-nam (High Cookie), as well as Choi Dae-hoon (Curtain Call) playing Lee Sun.

Helmed by PD Jo Nam-gook (The Good Detective) with writing by Kim Sun-deok (The Crowned Clown), tvN’s Sejak, the Enchanted will be broadcasting in the weekend slot this January.

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