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Na In-woo is on the case for ENA’s mystery Longing for You

Na In-woo is on the case for ENA’s mystery Longing for You

Clockwise: Na In-woo, Kim Ji-eun, Kwon Yul, Jung Sang-hoon, Lee Kyu-han, Baek Jong-ok

A new mystery drama called Longing for You (a.k.a. I Have Waited a Long Time for You) is on the docket for ENA next month, with Na In-woo (Jinxed at First) and Kim Ji-eun (One Dollar Lawyer) leading an ensemble cast of six.

As police officer Oh Jin-sung, Na In-woo’s character is known for getting overly invested everyone and everything – always doing more than he’s asked, even when it’s unnecessary.

When the story kicks off with a serial murder case, Jin-sung gets assigned to a special investigations team, where he joins his good friend and prosecutor Go Young-joo (Kim Ji-eun). Passionate and ambitious about justice, Young-joo often approaches her work like a bulldozer.

In contrast, fellow prosecutor Cha Young-woon – played by Kwon Yul (Mental Coach Jegal) – is the cool-headed brains of the group. But he’s also the only son of the Jin-jin conglomerate and becomes a rival of Jin-sung, with Young-joo caught in between (booooo).

The charismatic Bae Jong-ok (Secret Royal Inspector and Joy) takes on the role of Young-woon’s mother, Yoo Jung-sook, who is well-regarded as the skilled and upstanding hospital director of Jin-jin Medical.

We also have Lee Kyu-han (Happiness Battle) playing the workaholic Park Ki-young, a correspondent for the prosecutor’s office and a friend of Young-woon. Jung Sang-hoon (The Witch is Alive), on the other hand, is Dr. Bae Min-kyu, the entitled son of a wealthy and powerful politician.

With filming already completed, ENA’s Longing for You is currently in post-production with scripts by Kwon Min-soo (Sword and Flower) and co-directing by PD Han Chul-soo (Again My Life) and PD Kim Yong-min (Again My Life). The series is slated to premiere on July 26 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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