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News bites: June 8, 2023

News bites: June 8, 2023

  • Creepy new promos have dropped for SBS’s Revenant, featuring the occult horror’s leads Kim Tae-ri (Twenty Five Twenty One) and Oh Jung-se (Uncle) in new posters and a video teaser. Launching this month on June 23, the series follows Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 3 in the weekend slot. [Sports Donga (1), (2)]
  • In stark contrast, tvN brings us a sparkling Kim So-hyun (Love Alarm 2) in the first poster for My Lovely Liar. Also starring Hwang Min-hyun (Alchemy of Souls), Yoon Ji-on (Tomorrow), Seo Ji-hoon (Revenge of Others), and Lee Si-woo (The Fabulous), the fantasy rom-com premieres next month on July 24. [News1]

  • Speaking of Hwang Min-hyun, he’s still in talks for TVING’s new coming-of-age series Study Group and an offer is now out for Han Ji-eun (Stock Struck) as well. If they both accept, Han will be playing a teacher to Hwang’s character in the webtoon adaptation. Filmmaker Lee Jang-hoon (Miracle) is attached to direct with scripts by Eom Sun-ho. [Sports Chosun]
  • ENA confirmed that the comedy Strangers is coming on July 17, with Jeon Hye-jin (Uncle), Sooyoung (Please Send a Fan Letter), Ahn Jae-wook (The Empire), and Park Sung-hoon (The Glory) headlining the series. Based on a popular webtoon by the same title, the drama will have scripts by Min Sun-ae with PD Lee Min-woo (Cinderella and the Four Knights) at the helm. [MBC]

  • MBC has released a new poster for Numbers: Watchdogs in a Concrete Jungle, showcasing our three leads: L (Secret Royal Investigator), Choi Jin-hyuk (Zombie Detective), and Choi Min-soo (Extracurricular). Written by Jung Ahn and Oh Hye-seok, with PD Kim Chil-bong (The Second Husband) directing, the office drama premieres on June 23. [News]
  • The first script reading stills have arrived for tvN’s action-fantasy The Uncanny Counter 2, bringing back our superhero quartet: Jo Byung-kyu (Stove League), Yoo Joon-sang (Alchemy of Souls), Kim Se-jung (Today’s Webtoon), and Yeom Hye-ran (The Glory). New faces in the second season include Jin Seon-gyu (Behind Every Star), Kang Ki-young (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), and Yoo In-soo (The Good Bad Mother) among others. [News1]


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