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New poster for ENA’s upcoming rom-com Icy Cold Romance is perfection

New poster for ENA’s upcoming rom-com Icy Cold Romance is perfection

They had me at the matching flower slippers. Though the first teaser for ENA’s Icy Cold Romance looked good — and I’m living for this pairing — something about the main poster just nailed it. It’s pitch-perfectly staged, full of color, and also gives us a sense of the relationship between our leads.

Lee Da-hee (L.U.C.A.: The Beginning) plays variety show PD Gu Yeo-reum. She’s been friends with Choi Siwon’s (Work Later, Drink Now) Park Jae-hoon for 20 years, but things are set to change. And that all happens when Jae-hoon becomes a contestant on Yeo-reum’s dating show The Kingdom of Love.

If friends-to-lovers isn’t your catnip, I don’t know what to say, but surely you can get behind this pairing. If ever there were two actors I didn’t know I needed together, it’s these two. I’ve been a big fan of both since I Hear Your Voice (Lee Da-hee) and Oh My Lady (Siwon) — both ancient dramas according to current standards — and I can’t wait to see the magic they will conjure up onscreen together. May this drama become the next Bottom of the 9th With 2 Outs, only better.

Directed by PD Choi Kyu-shik (Hush) with Kim Sol-ji (Pegasus Market) writing, Icy Cold Romance follows Good Job on October 5 in ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday slot.

New poster for ENA's upcoming rom-com Icy Cold Romance is perfection

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