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News bites: September 21, 2022

1. I could not be more excited for a show. Sageuk + Kim Hye-soo, what’s not to be hyped about? This has easily shot up to my most anticipated future drama release.

2. The female lead role seems practically made for Lee Shi-young.

3. What is it with Ask the Stars casting supporting male actors who are far more interesting than the male lead? I’m still a little disappointed Oh Jung-se isn’t the ML instead of Lee Min-ho (no offense to his fans) because I think him and Gong Hyo-jin would be lovely together. And once again, it’s a damn shame that the enormously talented Park Jin-joo is still stuck in supporting/cameo roles.

4. Wishing for it to reach the stratospheric ~40% weekend drama ratings because Im Joo-hwan deserves the success! I love that we’re collectively rooting for him.

5. While I’m not particularly looking forward to this show, this is a nice poster.

6. Much, MUCH preferred the original title, why did change a perfectly nice-sounding name to… whatever uninspired mess this is? I like Joo Soo-hyang’s dark blue hair, it’s a unique look.

7. Ooh, the chemistry is already jumping out even from the stills. I’m excited for the mess (good, angsty television) this fauxcest-y pairing brings. Go Du-shim looks stunning.


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