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News bites: February 6, 2024

1. Wavve and theatrical releases mean nothing to me if it doesn’t have an international distributor.

2. Lee Moo-saeng has first dibs on every shady husband role in Korean television.

3. I just hope they don’t waste Yoo In-soo in a thankless, irrelevant role like some dramas did.

4. “…with Im Soo-hyang… leading the lineup.” PASS!

5. My goodness, he is handsome. I knew that, obviously – Kim Soo-hyun has long been a favourite of mine, but him in those suits and that hairstyle… *swoons*

6. Genuinely confused by what this sageuk is supposed to be. The casting (relatively inexperienced idol actor ML and unknown, newcomer FL) initially led me to think it was a more comedic fusion sageuk, but that PD + writers lineup and the darker aesthetic of the poster suggests otherwise. Having more sageuks like Rebel and Bossam would be great so I’m not really complaining, but can this cast really pull that off?


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