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Tag: Lee Min-jae

News bites: March 12, 2024

I am all for systemic factors to be addressed. I think that women should be protected and supported to choose what they want to do. We, as women, posses the miracle of God, creator or whatever you believe in. We get to make a new living human, something that the scientists cannot and hopefully will […]

News bites: February 6, 2024

1. Wavve and theatrical releases mean nothing to me if it doesn’t have an international distributor. 2. Lee Moo-saeng has first dibs on every shady husband role in Korean television. 3. I just hope they don’t waste Yoo In-soo in a thankless, irrelevant role like some dramas did. 4. “…with Im Soo-hyang… leading the lineup.” […]

News bites: December 5, 2023

News bites: December 5, 2023 by tccolb The first poster has dropped for tvN’s Please Marry My Husband, bringing together our four leads: Park Min-young (Love in Contract), Na In-woo (Longing for You), Lee Yi-kyung (Critical X), and Song Ha-yoon (Oh! Young-shim). Starting off 2024 bright and early with a January 1 premiere, the fantasy […]

KBS’s Drama Special lineup for 2023

KBS’s Drama Special lineup for 2023 by tccolb KBS has been busily preparing for the 2023 season of Drama Special, putting together an anthology this year that focuses on personal journeys. Calling out to all of us who are feeling lonely or helpless, the first teaser promises us ten different stories that may help us […]

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