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The search begins for MBN’s Missing Crown Prince Suho

The search begins for MBN’s Missing Crown Prince Suho

A new teaser has dropped for MBN’s upcoming Missing Crown Prince — a rom-com with murderous forces lurking in the fictional Joseon backdrop, targeting our title’s hero, played by Suho (Behind Your Touch).

Silly me for thinking this story would be a fun little romp about the soon-to-be crown princess Hong Ye-ji (Love Song for Illusion) kidnapping her betrothed before the wedding. Alas, the new teaser is stepping up the ~drama~, opening with an attack on the palace where an injured but defiant crown prince Lee Geon (Suho) questions, “Do you think your terrible secret will stay concealed by killing me?”

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In flashback, we then see the string of events that have been plaguing the royal family. First, Geon witnesses a clandestine affair – only to then discover a dead body while fishing in the pond. Next, a court lady collapses in front of the queen, and Geon’s younger half-brother Minkyu (Maestra – Strings of Truth) finds a dead scholar hanging from the rafters of a room.

But as we read in the appearing text screen, the cherry on top of the ongoing chaos is “the crown prince’s unprecedented disappearance.” Royal physician Kim Joo-hun (Castaway Diva) worries about Geon’s safety and the king Jeon Jin-oh (Vigilante) immediately orders for Geon to be brought back.  In voiceover, we hear the king’s desperate inner plea for his son to be alive.

Meanwhile our crown prince somehow finds himself in the dangerous (?) company of our heroine Choi Myung-yoon (Hong Ye-ji). Although they fight off their assailants together, a wary Geon questions Myung-yoon’s true identity, reasoning, “I need to at least know if you’re on my side, if you want me to follow you.”

Back at the palace, queen dowager Myung Se-bin (Doctor Cha) begs for the crown prince’s life. But the cryptic reply is that the crown prince can be changed if needed. As the final sequence introduces us to the main cast, we end on Geon’s determined resolve to return home to his father and make the culprits pay for what they’ve done.

Directed by PD Kim Jin-man (Rebel – Thief Who Stole the People) with scripts by Bossam – Steal the Fate writers, Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul, MBN’s Missing Crown Prince will be premiering next month on March 9.

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