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News bites: February 8, 2024

News bites: February 8, 2024

  • The first script reading stills have dropped for MBC’s period-action Chief Detective 1958, led by Lee Je-hoon (Taxi Driver 2), Lee Dong-hwi (Big Bet), Choi Woo-sung (Melancholia), and Yoon Hyun-soo (A Good Day to Be a Dog). Slated to broadcast on weekends starting April, the star of the original 1970-80s series Choi Bool-am (Goodbye to Goodbye) will have a special cameo role in this new prequel. [MBC]
  • It’s been two years since Hyeri’s (May I Help You) last drama project and she’s currently considering a return to high school in TVING’s new mystery-thriller Friendly Competition. Based on a popular webtoon by the same title, the series is in the early stages and is also being touted as a “GL” drama – which stands for “Girl Love.” [Newsen]

  • Speaking of TVING and high school, a new poster has come out for Pyramid Game, where our transfer student Bona (Joseon Attorney) sits surrounded by the student hyena pack. Also starring Jang Da-ah, Ryu Da-in (Crash Course in Romance), and Kang Na-eon (Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938) among others in a fresh-faced ensemble lineup, the suspense-thriller premieres this month on February 29. [News1]
  • MBN’s Missing Crown Prince released another poster as well, focusing this time on the rom-com’s central love triangle between Suho (Behind Your Touch), Hong Ye-ji (Love Song for Illusion), and Minkyu (Maestra – Strings of Truth). Coming to our screens on March 9, production is being led by PD Kim Jin-man (Rebel – Thief Who Stole the People) along with Bossam – Steal the Fate writers, Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul. [Sports Chosun]

  • Bleak new character teasers have arrived for MBC’s revenge drama Wonderful World, raising the stakes and tragedy for our leads: Kim Nam-joo (Misty) and Cha Eun-woo (A Good Day to Be a Dog). Together with Kim Kang-woo (Artificial City) and Im Se-mi (The Worst of Evil), the series will be launching on March 1 in the weekend slot. [MBC]
  • On KBS’s Grabbed by the Collar (previously translated as Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar), the newest stills feature Kim Haneul (Kill Heel) and Jang Seung-jo (Death’s Game) whose marriage has taken a sad turn. With a murder mystery at the center of our story – in addition to Kim’s ex-boyfriend and cop Yeon Woo-jin (Daily Dose of Sunshine) – the crime drama will be airing in the Monday-Tuesday slot next month. [KBS]


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