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Tag: Jang Seung jo

tvN x OCN announce O’PENing’s lineup for 2024

tvN x OCN announce O’PENing’s lineup for 2024 by tccolb The promos have taken off for O’PENing 2024, continuing their experimental format with a fresh crop of rookie writers and presenting us with six short-form dramas for this seventh season’s anthology. The tvN show first debuted as Drama Stage in 2017 and later evolved into […]

News bites: March 16, 2024

News bites: March 16, 2024 by tccolb Lee Se-hee, Kim So-yeon, Kim Sung-ryung If anyone is keeping a tally, we can make another tick in the 1990s box for the next era we’ll be exploring in dramaland through JTBC’s new Sales of Virtue (roughly translated). With Kim Sung-ryung (Kill Heel) confirmed and offers currently out […]

News bites: March 12, 2024

I am all for systemic factors to be addressed. I think that women should be protected and supported to choose what they want to do. We, as women, posses the miracle of God, creator or whatever you believe in. We get to make a new living human, something that the scientists cannot and hopefully will […]

News bites: March 9, 2024

News bites: March 9, 2024 by tccolb Jeon Yeo-bin Jeon Yeo-bin (A Time Called You) has been tapped for the period drama Made in Korea, possibly joining Jung Woo-sung (Tell Me That You Love Me) and Hyun Bin (Crash Landing on You) in the gritty 1970s. With filmmaker Woo Min-ho (The Man Standing Next) attached […]

News bites: March 6, 2024

News bites: March 6, 2024 by tccolb Seo Kang-joon Seo Kang-joon (Grid) is considering roles for his first post-army project and may be ironing a new uniform as a secret government agent in MBC’s new action-comedy Undercover High School. Expected to start filming later this year with Im Young-bin (Bad Prosecutor) penning the scripts, the […]

Betrayal and bloodshed in Grabbed by the Collar

Betrayal and bloodshed in Grabbed by the Collar by solstices Another teaser is out for KBS’s upcoming thriller Grabbed by the Collar, starring Kim Haneul (Kill Heel) as the righteous journalist Seo Jung-won and Jang Seung-jo (Death’s Game) as her chaebol husband Seol Woo-jae. When Jung-won is framed for murder, her marriage and reputation are […]

Kim Haneul is framed for murder in Grabbed by the Collar

Kim Haneul is framed for murder in Grabbed by the Collar by tccolb It’s looking quite grim in the first teaser for KBS’s mystery-thriller Grabbed by the Collar, where the stakes are rising along with my blood pressure as our justice-seeking heroine Kim Haneul (Kill Heel) becomes the prime suspect on a high-profile murder case.It […]

News bites: February 20, 2024

It’s really interesting that so many dramas are focusing on the latter half of the 20th century now – it seems like that was a rare time period to set a drama in before but it’s also possible I just wasn’t aware of them. Are there classics set at this time I should know about? […]

News bites: February 14, 2024

1. Why does he look like Ahn Bo-hyun or am I losing my mind? 2. Poor Jeon Jong-seo whitewashed so hard she became one with the curtain. 3. “…and current husband” and she’s dressing like that?? Like she wants to attract women??!? Jang Seung-jo MOVE. 4. Love Kim Nam-joo with all my heart, but I’m […]

News bites: February 8, 2024

News bites: February 8, 2024 by tccolb The first script reading stills have dropped for MBC’s period-action Chief Detective 1958, led by Lee Je-hoon (Taxi Driver 2), Lee Dong-hwi (Big Bet), Choi Woo-sung (Melancholia), and Yoon Hyun-soo (A Good Day to Be a Dog). Slated to broadcast on weekends starting April, the star of the […]

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