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News bites: July 2, 2022

News bites: July 2, 2022

  • This week JTBC announced the second season of The Good Detective 2 is coming to our screens on July 30. The new season brings back our detective heroes Sohn Hyun-joo (Tracer) and Jang Seung-jo (Snowdrop), who will be facing off against new foes, Kim Hyo-jin (Human Disqualification) and Jung Moon-sung (The Veil). Production remains in the hands of season one’s writer Choi Jin-won as well as PD Jo Nam-gook. [JTBC (1), (2)]
  • Over on TVING, a 6-episode drama sequel called Shark: The Storm is being planned, continuing the story of their 2021 action movie Shark: The Beginning. Based on a popular and ongoing webtoon – also called SharkKim Min-seok (Lovestruck in the City) will be reprising the lead role while Lee Hyun-wook (Mine) returns as the season’s new main villain. Planning for an early 2023 release, filming begins this month with scripts by Min Ji and PD Kim Gun directing. [Osen]
  • In the meanwhile, Money Game started filming last week on June 25 and released a commemorative photo featuring the main cast. With film director Han Jae-rim (The King) at the helm, the drama stars Ryu Joon-yeol (Human Disqualification), Chun Woo-hee (Be Melodramatic), Park Jung-min (Hellbound), Lee Yeol-eum (Nevertheless), Park Hae-joon (I Haven’t Done My Best Yet), Lee Joo-young (Rose Mansion), Moon Jung-hee (Times), and Bae Sung-woo (Live). [News1]

  • Long time no see Sung Joon (Perfect Wife)! He’s now joining Kim Young-kwang (Hello? It’s Me!) and Lee Sung-kyung (Shooting Stars) on the set of Tell Me It’s Love. Aiming to release next year, the broadcaster/online platform is currently being discussed while filming continues for the cast and crew. [SpoTV News]
  • Another welcomed face returning to dramaland is Han Hye-jin (Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset). Co-starring with Jo Seung-woo (Sisyphus) in JTBC’s Sacred Divorce, we can expect to see the pair on our screens in early 2023. PD Lee Jae-hoon is attached to direct with Yoo Young-ah (Thirty-Nine) penning the scripts. [Osen]

  • Netflix’s Remarriage & Desires put out a new poster featuring the main cast: Kim Hee-sun (Tomorrow), Jung Yoo-jin (Snowdrop), Cha Ji-yeon (Taxi Driver), Lee Hyun-wook (Mine), and Park Hoon (Soundtrack #1). The satire and revenge drama premieres in two weeks on July 15. [Newsis]
  • MBC’s upcoming Wild Boar Hunting released stills from the first script reading, featuring the main cast. Starring Park Ho-san (Monstrous), Yeh Soo-jung (The Witch Is Alive, Link: Eat, Love, Kill), and Kim Soo-jin (School 2021), production was led by PD Song Yeon-hwa and writer Jo Beom-ki. Premiering next month on August 1, the thriller will be a short drama with four episodes. [MBC]


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