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Sohn Hyun-joo and Kim Myung-min face off in Your Honor

Sohn Hyun-joo and Kim Myung-min face off in Your Honor

Kim Myung-min, Sohn Hyun-joo

ENA has released the script reading stills and footage for its upcoming crime-thriller Your Honor. The show stars Sohn Hyun-joo (Captivating the King) and Kim Myung-min (Law School) as two fathers willing to do anything for their sons, and one unfortunate accident intertwines their fates together.

Sohn plays honorable judge Song Pan-ho who has devoted his life to the law. However, when his son becomes a murderer, he throws away his principles in order to shield him. In the end, before he is a judge, Pan-ho chooses to be a father.

In opposition to Pan-ho is mobster Kim Kang-heon (Kim Myung-min). He believes he is above the law, so when his son dies, he goes to whatever lengths to catch the killer. On the surface, he appears cold and cutthroat, but Kang-heon loves his son dearly. When his wife Jung Ae-yeon (Pyramid Game) asks if he isn’t mad over their son’s death, he tells her that he is too hurt and sad to even feel angry.

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Playing Pan-ho’s only son Song Ho-young is Kim Do-hoon (7 Escape – Resurrection). His mistake leads his father down a dark path, and though Ho-young wishes to turn himself in, Pan-ho stops him.

The other son in this tragedy is Kim Sang-hyuk played by Heo Nam-joon (The Impossible Heir). Kang-heon’s eldest son, Sang-hyuk is just as monstrous as his father, and the two had a tumultuous relationship before his untimely end.

Finally, playing prosecutor Kang So-young is Jung Eun-chae (Anna). A principled woman who refuses to bend to the powerful, once So-young sets her eyes on a target, she does not let go.

Originally an Israeli TV series with an American remake, this Korean adaptation has PD Pyo Min-soo (Moon in the Day) taking the creator role, PD Yoo Jong-sun (Paper Moon) directing, and Kim Jae-hwan (Boyhood) writing the script. ENA’s Your Honor is slated for ten episodes and premieres August 12 in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

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