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Watch: Red Velvet Takes 6th Win For “Psycho” On “Inkigayo”; Performances By SF9, MOMOLAND, ATEEZ, And More

Congratulations to Red Velvet for winning first place with “Psycho” on SBS’s “Inkigayo”! Second place was MOMOLAND’s “Thumbs Up,” and third place went to Noel’s “Late Night.” This week’s performers include MOMOLAND, VERIVERY, B.O.Y, SF9, ANS, ATEEZ, MCND, ENOi, TST, and more. Watch this week’s performances below! ENOi – “Cheeky” MCND – “TOP GANG” ANS – “Say My Name” TST – […]

Watch: Red Velvet Takes 5th Win For “Psycho” On “Music Core”; Performances By SF9, ATEEZ, MOMOLAND, And More

Similar to last week’s episode, the January 11 broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core” had Red Velvet’s “Psycho” up against IU’s “Blueming” and Changmo’s “METEOR.” “Psycho” came in first place with a score of 9,398, making this their fifth win for “Psycho” overall. The group also won last week on “Music Core” and just yesterday on “Music Bank.” This week featured performances […]

[MV] B.O.Y – My Angel

Romanization Korean Translation nuneul tteuja majahaneulcheoreom ni saenggagi natjineoye hwanhan nunbitharu jongil nae shimjangeul ttwige hajiI feel your loveI feel your love dul mane chumurin seororeul kkum kkujanani apeseon nan eorinaineoye modeun ge gunggeumhaeMy angelMy angelMy angeljeo areumdaun mulgyeolcheoreomsarajimyeon andwae no waygyeote isseojwo yeongwonhiUh uh ummbomi omyeonhan ppyeomina jaran nareul bwamangseoril sun eopjiallyeojwo you got me […]

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