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MOMOLAND – Chiri Chiri (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: MOMOLAND Song: 찌릿찌릿 (Chiri Chiri) Album: Starry Night Year: 2020 Advertisements Hangul: 아이야야 심장이 아이야야 저려와 찌릿 찌릿 찌릿 아이야야 두 눈이 아이야야 마주쳐 찌릿 찌릿 찌릿 내 맘을 콕 찔러 찔러 넌 이제 그만 위험 위험 위험 같이 있고 싶어 싶어 너와 이런 날 알아줘 ma boy Woo woo 난 벌써 Woo woo […]

MOMOLAND – Pinky Love (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: MOMOLAND Song: Pinky Love Album: Starry Night Year: 2020 Advertisements Hangul: 왠지 말론 설명이 힘든 비밀이 있어 I got a secret 언제부턴가 내 맘속을 자꾸 두드리는 걸 누굴까 알 듯 말듯 알 수가 없는 나의 감정은 자꾸 자라나 어떻게 할까 누가 알려줘 Plz help me 갖고 싶은 걸 찾고 싶은 걸 지금까지 나 몰랐던 […]

MOMOLAND – Starry Night (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: MOMOLAND Song: Starry Night Album: Starry Night Year: 2020 Advertisements Hangul: Starry starry night Starry starry night 까만 밤 왠지 어둡지 만은 않아 별빛이 거릴 가득 채우니 너와 나 우리 저만치 날아올라 유난히 따스해지는 기분 내 마음 속 작은 틈새로 울리는 네 목소리 Get louder louder Get louder louder yeah 아침 햇살보다 더 빛나는 […]

MOMOLAND’s Nancy Slays The Red Carpet – A Collection

MOMOLAND’s Nancy looks like a Goddess every time she graces the red carpet. Here are her 10 best looks that turned heads wherever she went! 1. Glitter Goddess Nancy dazzles everyone in this beautiful, sparkly gown. Advertisements Your browser does not support video.  2. Sequin Stripe She works this black outfit with a touch (or […]

MOMOLAND – Tiki Taka MV (Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics)

Artist: MOMOLAND (모모랜드)Song: TIKI TAKA (티키타카)Album: TIKI TAKAYear: 2020 Hangul Lyrics Advertisements 티티티 예이에타타타 홀라티티티 예이에티키티키 타카 톡톡타! 티티티 예이에타타타 아~잇티티티 예이에티키티키 타카 톡톡타! 헬로 안녕하세요손을 높이 흔들어요 울랄랄라 손들어울랄랄라 흔들어마마파파 흔들어티키티키 타카 톡톡타! 바나나나 더 주세요한입만 입만 더 주세요 울랄랄라 맛있어울랄랄라 배불러마마파파 배불러티키티키 타카 톡톡타! 티티티 예이에타타타 홀라티티티 예이에티키티키 타카 톡톡타! Advertisements 티티티 예이에타타타 […]

Watch: Red Velvet Takes 6th Win For “Psycho” On “Inkigayo”; Performances By SF9, MOMOLAND, ATEEZ, And More

Congratulations to Red Velvet for winning first place with “Psycho” on SBS’s “Inkigayo”! Second place was MOMOLAND’s “Thumbs Up,” and third place went to Noel’s “Late Night.” This week’s performers include MOMOLAND, VERIVERY, B.O.Y, SF9, ANS, ATEEZ, MCND, ENOi, TST, and more. Watch this week’s performances below! ENOi – “Cheeky” MCND – “TOP GANG” ANS – “Say My Name” TST – […]

MOMOLAND’s JooE, Nancy, And Hyebin Reveal Personal And Professional Goals For 2020

MOMOLAND members shared their goals for the new year. On January 11, JooE, Nancy, and Hyebin appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game.” Sharing their hopes for 2020, JooE began, “I want to see my fans after dyeing my hair black. I thought that they wouldn’t recognize me if I […]

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