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Tag: Born Again

JeA – I Miss You – OST (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: JeA (제아)Song: I Miss You (보고 싶은 그대니까요)Album: Born Again OST Part 3Year: 2020 Hangul Lyrics: 나를 보는 너의 그 두 눈은왠지 슬퍼 보이네요그댈 보면 온 세상이너로 가득한 채 멈춰버린 듯해 언젠가 우리 힘든 시간이 온대도떠나지 않을게요 따뜻한 바람결이 불어와도난 단 한사랑 그대니까요내 손 놓지 말아 줘요그대 아무 말 하지 않아도바라만 보고 있어도보고 싶은 […]

6 New Korean Dramas For You To Binge-Watch In April 2020

Planning to on a K-Drama marathon this April? Well, you’re totally in for a treat this upcoming spring for there’s a great list of K-Dramas worth all the anticipation. From the classic Korean rom-com to crime thriller – these K-Dramas premiering in April has got you covered! Please note: This post contains affiliate links to products we […]

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