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Kim Hee-Ae’s Fashion As Ji Sun-Woo In K-Drama ‘The World Of The Married’ Episodes 3-6

Kim Hee-Ae‘s character in The World of the Married, Ji Sun-Woo, is a doctor and a well-off wife. Viewers can expect her fashion to be sophisticated and classy. And with just six episodes in, she has already showcased her elegant style. Check out her notable looks from episodes 3 through 6 below: You might also […]

Chae Soo-Bin’s Fashion As Han Seo-Woo In K-Drama ‘A Piece Of Your Mind’ Episodes 1-2

A lot of viewers who have watched A Piece of Your Mind are getting hooked with the drama’s story. Aside from this, many are on the lookout for the many fashion tips present in each episode. Take for example Chae Soo-Bin, who plays Han Seo-Woo in the drama, whose clothing styles in the pilot weekend […]

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