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Chae Soo-Bin’s Fashion As Han Seo-Woo In K-Drama ‘A Piece Of Your Mind’ Episodes 1-2

A lot of viewers who have watched A Piece of Your Mind are getting hooked with the drama’s story. Aside from this, many are on the lookout for the many fashion tips present in each episode. Take for example Chae Soo-Bin, who plays Han Seo-Woo in the drama, whose clothing styles in the pilot weekend […]

Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Jo Yi-Seo In K-Drama ‘Itaewon Class’ Episodes 7-10

Itaewon Class got so many viewers hooked and Kim Da-Mi‘s character, Jo Yi-Seo, has sparked a renewed interest in cool and chic street style. Check her outfits from episodes 7 until 10 below. You might also like to read: Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Jo Yi-Seo In K-Drama ‘Itaewon Class’ Episodes 1-6 Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion in […]

Park Min-Young’s Fashion As Mok Hae-Won In K-Drama ‘When The Weather Is Fine’ Episodes 1-2

Actress Park Min-young is back in the K-Drama world with her latest project – When The Weather Is Fine. True to the drama title,  Min-Young’s outfits are all ideal for cold-weather dressing! Check out her must-have looks in the pilot episodes of When The Weather Is Fine. Park Min-Young’s Fashion in Episodes 1-2 of K-drama […]

Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion As Cha Eun-Jae In K-Drama ‘Dr. Romantic 2’ Episodes 5-10

On the hunt for cool ways to dress comfy without sacrificing style? Take cues from Lee Sung-Kyung and her wearable outfits from Dr. Romantic 2! Check out her outfits in episodes 5 to 10 below. Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion in Episodes 5-10 of K-drama ‘Dr. Romantic 2′ Please note: This post contains affiliate links to products we trust […]

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