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Chae Soo-Bin’s Fashion As Han Seo-Woo In K-Drama ‘A Piece Of Your Mind’ Episodes 1-2

A lot of viewers who have watched A Piece of Your Mind are getting hooked with the drama’s story. Aside from this, many are on the lookout for the many fashion tips present in each episode. Take for example Chae Soo-Bin, who plays Han Seo-Woo in the drama, whose clothing styles in the pilot weekend […]

Fans Got Amazed By ITZY’s Outfits From Their New Music Video ‘Wannabe’

ITZY‘s highly awaited comeback is finally here! In the MV for their title track ‘Wannabe’, the girls delighted fans with the catchy tune and amazing dance breaks. On top of that, ITZY also showcased their flawless style throughout the video. Here are ITZY’s amazing outfits from the ‘Wannabe’ music video! You might also like to […]

Seo Ji-Hye’s Fashion As Seo Dan In K-Drama ‘Crash Landing On You’

Seo Ji-Hye‘s character, Seo Dan, truly left an impact on many female viewers of Crash Landing On You! From asserting her claim to her own happiness, down to all her fashion looks, Seo Dan is a second female lead that will be remembered for a long time! Here are her best looks from the drama: […]

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