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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is Back On “I Live Alone” – Here Are All Of Her Mukbang Moments On The Show To Celebrate

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa first went viral after her iconic gopchang mukbang on Home Alone. For those that don’t know, gopchang is a Korean delicacy that is made from intestines of cows, and can be grilled on a hot iron plate or cooked into a stew. Her delicious eating of the dish sold out gopchang all over the […]

Hwasa – WHY (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: 화사 (HwaSa) Song: WHY Album: María Year: 2020 Hangul: 너에게 닿기까지 난 멀리 돌아왔어 But 너에게는 easy love 너는 fuck it easy love 내가 눈이 멀었대 속지마 모두가 내게 말을 해 알고 있어 easy love I’m alone as crazy love You’re my hero 닮은 점이 많아 마치 mirror 아무 말 안 해도 we know […]

Hwasa – Kidding (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 화사 (HwaSa) Song: Kidding (English Translation) Album: María Year: 2020 Lyrics: They said they’ll love me forever Love is so wonderful They said they’ll look at me forever Happily after then Gossip that’s even more tacky because it’s obvious Laughing stock that’s tragic I’m so fine so fine, so leave me now Don’t bury […]

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