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Tag: I Live Alone

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is Back On “I Live Alone” – Here Are All Of Her Mukbang Moments On The Show To Celebrate

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa first went viral after her iconic gopchang mukbang on Home Alone. For those that don’t know, gopchang is a Korean delicacy that is made from intestines of cows, and can be grilled on a hot iron plate or cooked into a stew. Her delicious eating of the dish sold out gopchang all over the […]

Park Na Rae And Han Hye Jin Show Support For “I Live Alone” Castmate Lee Si Eon’s Drama “Queen: Love and War”

The cast members of “I Live Alone” are incredibly close! On January 12, Lee Si Eon shared photos of a coffee truck sent to the set of TV Chosun’s “Queen: Love and War” by Park Na Rae and Han Hye Jin. He wrote, “On this extremely cold day, Park Daesang-nim and Han Dhalsim-nim [sent] me this coffee […]

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