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Tag: Kang Jiyoung

Is a KARA Reunion Still Possible?

In a recent interview, Kang Jiyoung talked about KARA. Jiyoung recently finished the drama “Sweet Munchies” which marked her return to work in Korea. She has been working in Japan after her contract with DSP Media ended and left KARA. She talked about still being in touch with the former members of KARA. “We still […]

Is Korea Ready For Mainstream LGBTQIA+ Dramas?

Many international fans often say that South Korea is a conservative country. South Korea is historically not a LGBT affirming country, which bleeds into the culture, justice system and general public sense. However, recent study conducted in Chonnam National University states that the attitudes toward homosexuality are becoming increasingly positive. Queer representation has been more prominent in movies […]

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