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The Most Anticipated Netflix Korean Dramas Of 2021

Netflix is ramping up its expansion in South Korea with an amazing lineup of original series in 2021 starring some of the biggest names in the industry. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most anticipated Netflix Korean dramas of 2021 which also include sequels to some beloved series. If you want to […]

tvn’s Drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” And “Kingdom” Enter New York Times’ Top 10 For ‘Best International Shows Of 2020’

New York Times’ Top 10 shows article has been released and two amazing Korean dramas have made the list. tvn’s Drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” and Netflix’s original series “Kingdom” Season 2 entered New York Times’ Top 10 For ‘Best International Shows Of 2020.’ The New York Times described “It’s Okay To Not […]

Netflix’s “Kingdom” Ju Ji Hoon in talks for new film

Actor Ju Ji hoon is thinking about joining the film “Silence”. A media reported that Ju Ji hoon confirmed a role in “Silence”. KeyEast then stated, ““Silence” is one of the couple of works he’s considering”. The latest film by director Kim Tae-gon, “Silence”, takes place when an accident occurs on a foggy bridge and, as a result, an unknown beast is unleashed. Dexter […]

Ju JiHoon Enters 2020 Strong with “Hyena” and “Kingdom – Season 2”

Ju Ji-hoon is going to be busy in 2020. His 2019 was a strong year. He starred in the Netflix original drama “Kingdom” and MBC drama “The Item”. He also won Best Actor for the film “Dark Figure of Crime”. His work continues in 2020. He takes part in the SBS Friday / Saturday drama “Hyena” and the Netflix original drama “Kingdom – […]

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