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Tag: Its Okay to not be Okay

Podcast #108 – Fangirl Stalking Kim Soo Hyun

We received a request from our Patreon page to fangirl-stalk the always-talented Kim Soo Hyun. You don’t have to ask us twice since we are huge fans here at DWASOK! So come join us as we chat about his extensive filmography and share which of his dramas you must watch if you consider yourself a […]

Funny J – Song for Election (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: Funny JSong: Song for Election [선거송 (기호1번 권만수)]Album: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay OSTYear: 2020 HANGUL 쿵짜라작짝 기호1번쿵짜라 자라짜락쿵짜라작짝 권만수쿵짜라 자라짜락 [ story continues below ] 쿵짜라작짝 기호1번쿵짜라 자라짜락쿵짜라작짝 권만수쿵짜라 자라짜락권만수 권만수를 아나요꿍짜라짝짝 꿍짜짝 권만수기호1번 찍어줘요꿍짜라짝짝 꿍짜짝 권만수 성진시의 권만수꿍짜라짝짝 꿍짜짝 권만수기호1번 찍어줘요꿍짜라짝짝 꿍짜짝 권만수 성진시에 권만수가 있어요우리모두가 필요하는 기호1번 권만수 지금은 권만수 […]

Janet Suhh – Sketch Book (English Lyrics)

Artist: Janet SuhhSong: Sketch Book (사이코지만 괜찮아 오프닝 타이틀)Album: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay OSTYear: 2020 English Lyrics There was once upon a timeAnd all people have stories [ story continues below ] Their ownLet her take all she wantsSet him behind It’s not your fairy taleNo~ Have him take all he wantsDon’t be […]

CHEEZE – Little by Little – OST (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: CHEEZESong: Little by Little (너라서 고마워) Album: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay OST Part 6Year: 2020 HANGUL Little by little한 걸음씩 네가 보여말하지 않아도네가 들릴 것만 같아 [ story continues below ] 쉴 곳을 찾아 이렇게한참을 돌아왔는데너라서 정말 고마워 오오 오오오오오 오오 오오오오 어떤 모습이든 이렇게넌 나를 들뜨게 하고너의 작은 표정 하나까지날 설레게 […]

Kim Feel – Hallelujah – OST – (English Translation)

Artist: 김필 (Kim Feel) Song: 나도 모르는 노래 (Hallelujah)(English Translation) Album: 사이코지만 괜찮아 (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) OST Part.5 Year: 2020 English Lyrics: To find a reason I’ve found By myself It’s hard to go on My own Frozen eyes Dried up lips Stories that are stuck Please find me in that deep […]

Kim Feel – Hallelujah – OST (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: 김필 (Kim Feel)Song: 나도 모르는 노래 (Hallelujah)(English Translation)Album: 사이코지만 괜찮아 (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) OST Part.5Year: 2020 HANGUL To find a reasonI’ve foundBy myselfIt’s hard to go onMy own [ story continues below ] 얼어붙은 시선메마른 입술멈춰버린이야기들 아무도 모르는저 깊은 곳에 사는 날 찾아Somebody helpI’m loosing my heart 이 모든 아픔이다 사라지기를I […]

Lee Su Hyun – In Your Time – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Lee Su Hyun (이수현)Song: In Your Time(아직 너의 시간에 살아)Album: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay OST Part 3Year: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION a cold story left behindEverything happened that time was clear to me.Like a time in a fairytaleIt’s left behind with full of fear. [ story continues below ] My frozen heart is […]

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