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SEVENTEEN’s DK Didn’t Want To Be An Idol, Here’s How He Joined Pledis Entertainment

While some idols dreamed of becoming singers since they were very little, others found out later in life or hadn’t been originally interested in it at all. In a recent interview with Get In The Car, SEVENTEEN‘s DK revealed he was actually part of the latter and how he’d ended up joining Pledis Entertainment. At […]

SEVENTEEN Wouldn’t Have Allowed The Filming Of “Hit The Road” Years Ago, Here’s Why

Through the documentary SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road, SEVENTEEN showed a different side of themselves than the happy-go-lucky one that fans were used to. Seeing such a raw side of them proved they had ups and downs just like everyone else, even if they were idols. Your browser does not support video. While those tough moments […]

Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Activities FTW!

Our kpop boys know how to do summer right, even when it feels different from other years (thank you COVID….grrr). Read on and see which summer activities would be your favorite! Check out the Maknae’s Summer Bops for my favorite summer kpop! Gidongdae – “Party Like This” I have to admit, this is probably the […]

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