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“The Uncanny Counter” Is The First OCN Drama To Hit Double Digits In Ratings + “Mr. Queen” Achieves A New Personal Best Record

The Uncanny Counter” and “Mr. Queen” are doing tremendously well!

The Uncanny Counter” has been breaking multiple records for OCN, recently, it became the highest rated OCN drama in its history and it has been soaring higher ever since setting multiple new records in the process.

On January 10,  “The Uncanny Counter” broke its own record for the highest viewership ratings ever for OCN, again. It became the first OCN drama to hit the double digits in ratings scoring an average of 10.6% nationwide according to Nielsen Korea.

Mr. Queen” has also achieved a new best in viewership ratings, According to Nielsen Korea, the 10th episode of “Mr. Queen” scored an average nationwide rating of 12.8%, a personal best for the hit historical-fantasy drama.

Which weekend dramas are you currently watching?

My personal thoughts- by Jazmine K.

I’ve been enjoying both “The Uncanny Counter” and “Mr. Queen,” although, I’d say I find “Mr. Queen” more fun since its subverts my expectations more, “The Uncanny Counter” is more like a classical super-hero flick which isn’t bad, but very expected.

I plan on publishing reviews of the two dramas as soon as they wrap up, but I must say both are very interesting and fun to watch.


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