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“The Uncanny Counter” Ratings Slightly Dip, “Mr. Queen” Continues To Dominate The Race

Our two favorite weekend kdramas are doing well! On January 16, “The Uncanny Counter” aired its 13th episode which is discovered belatedly to have been written by the director of the drama following the screenwriter’s abrupt departure. According to Nielsen Korea, “The Uncanny Counter” episode 13 rated an average of 9.4%, slightly lower than its […]

“The Uncanny Counter” Announces The New Screenwriter Replacing Yeo Ji Na As It Prepares For Season 2

“The Uncanny Counter” has revealed the name of the screenwriter replacing Yeo Ji Na. Last night, OCN shocked fans by announcing the sudden departure of the screenwriter who has been working on the drama thus far. It is said that due to differing opinions, Yeo Ji Na left the production after writing episode 12, episode […]

Fans Pleasantly Surprised To Learn That Song Joong Ki Sent A Sweet Gift To Support Jo Byeong Gyu

Song Joong Ki has shown support for his hoobae Jo Byeong Gyu’s drama “The Uncanny Counter”! On January 7, Jo Byeong Gyu posted photos to instagram of himself standing in front of a coffee truck, the truck was sent by Song Joong Ki. In the banner, Song Joong Ki says he’s rooting for actor Jo […]

“The Uncanny Counter” Is The First OCN Drama To Hit Double Digits In Ratings + “Mr. Queen” Achieves A New Personal Best Record

“The Uncanny Counter” and “Mr. Queen” are doing tremendously well! “The Uncanny Counter” has been breaking multiple records for OCN, recently, it became the highest rated OCN drama in its history and it has been soaring higher ever since setting multiple new records in the process. On January 10,  “The Uncanny Counter” broke its own […]

“The Uncanny Counter” Set To Return With A Second Season? OCN Responds To Rumors

Will we be seeing “The Uncanny Counter” season 2 soon? On December 23, various news outlets reported that the hit OCN drama “The Uncanny Counter” is in the process of checking the schedule of the main cast in order to prepare for a second season. According to an insider, since “The Uncanny Counter” wasn’t originally […]

“The Uncanny Counter” Becomes OCN’s Highest Rated Drama In Its History Overtakiong “Voice 2” Spot

“The Uncanny Counter” is breaking OCN ratings records! On December 13, “The Uncanny Counter” aired its 5th episode to a great reception from viewers. According to Nielsen Korea, the most recent episode scored an average nationwide rating of 7.65% easily breaking the record for the highest-rated OCN drama achieved by “Voice 2” which scored the […]

“Mr. Queen” Becomes The Second Highest Rated Premiere For A Weekend Drama In tvN’s History

“Mr. Queen” is off to a great start! The newly historical drama “Mr. Queen” led by Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun has already broken a record. On December 12, “Mr. Queen” premiered its first episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of “Mr. Queen” scored an average nationwide rating of 8.0% and […]

Despite Having One Episode To Go, “Start-Up” Ratings Take A Dip, OCN “The Uncanny Counter” Scores Personal Best

OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter” ratings are going up! On December 5, the 3rd episode of “The Uncanny Counter” aired and it has done tremendously well in ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the third episode scored an average nationwide rating of 5.3%, nearly double that of its premiere ratings, it also achieved a peak of 6.2%. […]

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