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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Days Meet Summer Nights

This week’s MVs cover everything summer has to offer, from bright colors and endless sunshine to heavy clouds and thunderstorms. Read on to see which of these videos catches your summer mood!

Need a playlist that will soothe your soul? Give Maknae’s Favorite Indie a try!

Woodz – “Love Me Harder”

This MV is fascinating — it’s the duality of Fight Club layered over a seductive dance club beat. To me, it feels like summer after a long day of work.

[embedded content]

Pentagon – “Basquiat

I never thought I would apply the words “raw” and “powerful” to a Pentagon song, but these boys have stepped up in a major way for Road to Kingdom. Road to Kingdom has been an AMAZING vehicle for strong performances, and I am HERE for it.

[embedded content]

Stray Kids – “Blueprint”

I will always love a good Stray Kids summer bop. Nothing will top “Get Cool”, but “Blueprint” makes my heart happy.

[embedded content]

Verivery – “Thunder”

I absolutely LOVE how this song captures the dark and unsettled atmosphere right before a thunderstorm. It’s heavy AND delightful and I could listen to it over and over again. OH WAIT. I DID. Check it out!

[embedded content]

Zico – “Summer Hate” (feat. Rain)

Zico is an everlovin’ delight. His summer hate anthem speaks to me (ten years spent living in Arizona cured me of loving summer FOREVER), but I will make fun of him for wearing a FREAKIN’ SWEATSHIRT in the summer and complaining about the heat. Nevertheless, this MV with Rain is SO MUCH FUN!

[embedded content]

BONUS TRACK: Purple Rain – “Waking Up”

I loved Purple Rain’s “The King Must Die”, so watching “Waking Up” was a must. It’s easy to imagine listening to this song while laying on the beach and looking up at the stars.

[embedded content]

What’s your summer mood, k-fans? Do these MVs relate? Drop down in the comments and let us know!

Until the next album drops, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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