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Tag: Stray Kids

Stray Kids Felix’s Hair Color Evolution Is As Iconic As He is

Stray Kids‘ Felix is known for his cute, boyish visuals, and is also famous among fans for having his hair dyed for every single comeback, ever since the group’s debut! His hair color evolution is top-tier, and you will be shook at how he manages to pull off each color beautifully! 1. “Hellevator” 2. “District […]

Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Days Meet Summer Nights

This week’s MVs cover everything summer has to offer, from bright colors and endless sunshine to heavy clouds and thunderstorms. Read on to see which of these videos catches your summer mood! Need a playlist that will soothe your soul? Give Maknae’s Favorite Indie a try! Woodz – “Love Me Harder” This MV is fascinating […]

Top 5 Kpop MVs: Pop and Ballad BATTLE

The new releases this week are a battle between sweet ballads and solid, in-your-face pop. What side will you take? Read on and decide! My New Kpop to Spin playlist is OVERFLOWING. Come check it out! ONEUS – “Come Back Home” (Road to Kingdom) You HAVE to check out this Oneus performance! The song is […]

Stray Kids – TA (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: 스트레이 키즈 (Stray Kids) Song: 타 (TA) Album: GO生 (GO LIVE) Year: 2020 Hangul: 올라타 타 타 타 Take me to the top Hey 걱정은 버려 No more 고민해 항상 움츠려 있던 모습 다 던져 hey 소리 질러 like wow 이 분위기에 올라타 고심하는 건 치명타 그냥 다 내려놓고 모두 Chill out now 어물쩡 […]

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