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TWICE’s Jeongyeon Couldn’t Get Enough Of Mina

We’re 100% certain there is no such thing as a “bad angle” when it comes to TWICE‘s Mina. From every angle, Mina looks absolutely stunning and her side profile is just one of those angles.

mina shoulder 27

Her side profile is so gorgeous that even Jeongyeon couldn’t get enough when she got a close-up from that angle!

jeongyeon dress 9

In a recent behind-the-scenes video from TWICE’s Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot, Jeongyeon was filming Mina getting her makeup done for the shoot.

Coming up on Mina from the side, Jeongyeon made sure to get a special close-up of Mina…

And was soon feeling the effects! Noting just how beautiful Mina was from that angle too, Jeongyeon absolutely had to let Mina know.

You have a beautiful side profile miss.

— Jeongyeon

As she continued filming, Jeongyeon couldn’t help dishing out more compliments as Mina playfully joked Jeongyeon could only film her from the side from now on!

Jeongyeon: Your beauty spot is adorable!

Mina: No frontal shots, please. No, no, no!

Jeongyeon’s reaction to Mina’s stunning side profile honestly is the most relatable thing ever! Experience what Jeongyeon was and more in the video below:

[embedded content]

Source: Koreaboo

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