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Yoo Yeon-seok rides with Lee Sung-min on A Bloody Lucky Day

Yoo Yeon-seok rides with Lee Sung-min on A Bloody Lucky Day

Just in case we didn’t fill our quota for murderers in dramaland this year, TVING had a saved card up their sleeve with their latest crime-thriller and webtoon adaptation A Bloody Lucky Day (previously Unlucky Day). Creeping up our screens with the first poster and video teaser, we’re introduced to lady luck’s chosen players for this story: Lee Sung-min (Shadow Detective 2), Yoo Yeon-seok (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 3), and Lee Jung-eun (Missing: The Other Side 2).

Cruelly teasing our ordinary hero Oh Taek (Lee Sung-min), he is elated to wake up one day from a pig dream, which promises fortune according to superstition. With a huge grin, he sprints down to the corner store to buy a lottery ticket and begins his work day as a taxi driver with glee.

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But of course, fate leads him to the seemingly harmless Geum Hyuk-soo (Yoo Yeon-seok) who wants a ride all the way to Mokpo, about three hours south of Seoul by train. Taek is initially taken aback, but happily agrees once Hyuk-soo offers a bundle of extra money for the journey.

We then jump to Hwang Soon-kyu (Lee Jung-eun) informing Taek that Hyuk-soo killed her son. As realization hits, we read Taek’s terrified thoughts in the captions that he took a murderer as his passenger and he asks outright, “Did you really murder someone and now you’re running away?”

Hyuk-soo scoffs in response, but creepily admits that killing people isn’t hard. He reassures our hero, saying, “Don’t worry because I won’t kill you.” And in reply, a shaken Taek cautiously asks, “I just drive you to Mokpo and that’s it, right?” As the sequence introduces our actors, the teaser then ends on Hyuk-soo’s question to Taek: “Do you want me to show you something fun?”

Directed by filmmaker Pil Gam-sung (Hostage: Missing Celebrity) with scripts by Kim Min-sung and Song Hanna, TVING’s A Bloody Lucky Day will be screening at the 2023 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) before releasing to a wider audience this November.

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