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Canine cuteness in A Good Day to Be a Dog teaser

Canine cuteness in A Good Day to Be a Dog teaser

A new teaser is out for MBC’s webtoon adaptation A Good Day to Be a Dog, featuring our three heart-fluttering main leads. It’s certainly a “good day” for us viewers, because it’s full of radiant smiles, lovable puppies, and mystical attraction.

The star of this teaser is Jin Seo-won, played by Cha Eun-woo (Island). With his gentle demeanor and dashing looks, he’s the high school crush of practically every student in class. For all his manhwa perfection, though, Seo-won has one irrefutable flaw. He’s downright terrified of canines — even the fluffiest puppy will stop him in his tracks. To Seo-won, simply coming face to face with a pug under a table is enough to send him screaming.

Seo-won’s biggest trial yet comes when a drunken folly leads to him sharing a kiss with fellow teacher Han Hae-na, played by Park Kyu-young (Celebrity). Due to a generational curse, a single kiss will doom Hae-na to transform into a dog every night — and the only way to break the spell is to lock lips with the same person in her puppy form. It’s akin to Seo-won’s worst nightmare!

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Enter Lee Hyun-woo (Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area) as the new hire Lee Bo-gyeom, whose dimpled smile has the whole faculty swooning. Seo-won may disavow all dogs, but he’s plenty territorial himself — and he’s not above stealing Bo-gyeom’s straw from his coffee, hee. Given Bo-gyeom’s secret identity as a mountain spirit, though, it seems he might know more than he lets on. Is he interested in Hae-na, or is he simply curious about her curse?

As the teaser draws to a close, it certainly seems like Seo-won is leaning towards the former. Hae-na’s bright, bubbly, and downright adorable, and when she gets all up in Seo-won’s personal space trying to snatch cotton candy out of his hands, he can’t help but be affected by her proximity. Perhaps all Seo-won needs to cure his canine aversion is a cute puppy and a good dose of romance.

Directed by Kim Dae-woong (Start Up The Engine) and written by Baek In-ah, the webtoon adaptation A Good Day to Be a Dog is slated for an October 11 premiere.

Via MBC, Newsen, Xportsnews



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