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Actor Boldly Spills On His One-Night Stands With Korean Girls In Boracay

A popular actor in Taiwan appeared on a talk show recently and honestly shared his one-night stand experiences with Korean girls, a topic rarely talked about on broadcasts.

Bruce Hung 1
Bruce Hung | @hungbruce/Instagram

32-year-old actor Bruce Hung debuted his debut on the big screen through the movie Café Waiting Love in 2014. Having been the captain of his university’s basketball team, his well-built physique, combined with his boyish looks, attracted the attention of many.

Bruce Hung 2
Bruce Hung in “Cafe Waiting Love” | Bella

Bruce’s goal was to become a good actor. And indeed, since his debut work, he’s been active in the entertainment industry, starring in various films and TV dramas.

Recently, he went on a talk show, Dee Girls Talk, to promote his latest project. The talk show is hosted by Dee Hsu, a host well-known for being brutally honest.

Dee Hsu 1
Dee Hsu | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

During the show, Bruce detailed a time when he went to Boracay for vacation.

When we went on the trip, I dyed my hair grey-ish…blonde? Sort of like a Korean idol group member. It was when my physique was at its peak. Oh my God.

– Bruce Hung

Bruce Hung | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube 

Later on, Dee asked Bruce, “Be honest. When you went to Boracay, did you have a one-night stand?

Dee Hsu 2
Dee Hsu | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Although one might’ve expected the actor to beat around the bush and avoid answering the question directly, Bruce actually didn’t hesitate to say, “Twice.

Bruce Hung 3
Bruce Hung | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Even Dee was taken aback by Bruce’s honesty and stuttered when she asked for clarification!

Twice…one-night stand…two…two-night stand?

– Dee Hsu

Dee Hsu 3
Dee Hsu | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Bruce quickly clarified, “It was with different people.” He then revealed what the girls were like.

Both of the girls were Korean. They were really pretty.

Sorry, I’m a bit shy.

– Bruce Hung

Bruce Hung | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

While the actor seemingly had no issues with the conversation, the assistant host of the show noticed some reactions coming from those who were off-screen.

The people over there are already having a meeting to help you!

– Assistant Host

The assistant host implied that Bruce’s staff members were having a meeting to see how to handle the potential negative publicity from the actor’s responses. The show’s subtitle even said, “His manager is scared to death.

Dee Girls Talk 1
Bruce’s staff | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Dee then tried to calm Bruce’s staff down by saying, “Manager, it’s already the 21st century, okay? Be true, okay?” She suggested there was nothing wrong with being honest about this topic in this day and age.

Dee Hsu 4
Dee Hsu | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Afterward, Bruce continued with his story.

At that time, the girls were really proactive. For example, let’s say I’m already chatting with a girl…then, one time, while I was chatting, I was just pulled away by someone else, like this.

– Bruce Hung

Bruce Hung demonstrating getting pulled away | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

Then, we went for a stroll while gazing at the moonlight. It was romantic. And then…things got hot.

– Bruce Hung

Bruce Hung | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube

After Bruce’s revelation, Dee presented him with a hypothetical scenario to see how he would react.

If a girl got drunk and wanted to make out with you, you wouldn’t push her down, right?

– Dee Hsu

To which Bruce responded,

No, I wouldn’t push her down. I would hug and pat her on the back, but I wouldn’t make out with her.

[What if she forced her tongue in your mouth?]

Whoa. If I have feelings for her, then I would accept it.

– Bruce Hung

Bruce Hung | DeeGirlsTalk/YouTube 

After watching the conversation, netizens left their thoughts on the video.

Bruce Hung 5

  • I’ve never seen such an honest celebrity.
  • When you’re single, and it’s consensual, having one-night stands is normal. Celebrities are humans too.
  • The two sunbaes sitting beside him experienced culture shock.
  • Bruce Hung is so real. This episode was good.
  • He’s so real. But this is better than hiding behind a façade and then getting exposed later.

Looks like Bruce’s manager can breathe a sigh of relief! You can watch the clip below.

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