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Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi versus the world in Bloodhounds

Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi versus the world in Bloodhounds

K-dramas don’t normally run on sheer testosterone, but Netflix’s upcoming series Bloodhounds sure does. Front and center of the new trailer are our heroes Woo Do-hwan (Joseon Attorney) and Lee Sang-yi (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) as Kim Gun-woo and Hong Woo-jin, respectively. They seem like good-hearted chaps who a) are down on their luck b) possibly got in with the wrong crowd and c) pack a mean punch.

Among nine million jump cuts that show us way to much of the drama, the inciting action seems to be when the “very dangerous and cruel” loan shark Park Sung-woong (Unlock the Boss) shows up and threatens our hero and his family over the debts they can’t repay.

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Amidst all the chaos and fierce fights, it looks like both Gun-woo and Woo-jin join forces with Heo Joon-ho (Missing: The Other Side 2). Gun-woo says, “All I know how to do is fight” — but hey, looks like that’s exactly what is needed in the underbelly in which they’re currently trapped. Later, we see the two boys training together, seeing how desperate people are being taken advantage of, and even get a peek at some bromantic moments. These two boxers are definitely at the heart of this drama, and so it should be.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse of some of the other cast members: Choi Siwon (Work Now, Drink Later 2), Ryu Soo-young (Queenmaker), and Tae Won-seok (Under the Queen’s Umbrella) — with Kim Sae-ron (Kiss Sixth Sense) conspicuously missing.

Written and directed by Kim Joo-hwan (The Divine Fury), Bloodhounds drops its eight episodes on June 9.

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