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Amping up for the Kokdu: Season of Deity premiere

Amping up for the Kokdu: Season of Deity premiere

With The Forbidden Marriage happily-ever-aftered, MBC is now making sure you don’t forget that Kokdu: Season of Deity premieres this weekend! Starring Kim Jung-hyun (Mr. Queen) and Im Soo-hyang (Doctor Lawyer), the fantasy romance has released another whet-your-appetite teaser.

If the earlier teasers with the reluctantly obedient grim reaper Kokdu (Kim Jung-hyun) didn’t give you enough of the hijinks to come, this new teaser surely does. And oh, it feels like it’s been a while since there was a drama with this much weirdness. I can’t wait.

Kokdu must return to Earth every 99 years to punish the wicked, and it’s that time again. We meet him as he takes the form of a doctor, whose colleague is none other than our heroine Han Gye-jeol (Im Soo-hyang). Coincidentally — but also completely driven by deep dramaland fate — the two share a mysterious connection. And though the recents teasers and stills promise romantic cherry blossom moments, the whole drama seems ready to interrupt itself with undercutting humor.

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I know it’s early to say this, but I think I’m going to like Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang together here – it feels like they’ll be able to match each other’s energy quite well. Granted, I prefer Kim Jung-hyun in serious roles (he was stunningly good in Time), but he seems to be leaning into more comedic roles lately, and I can’t blame him, because he’s good at that too. Im Soo-hyang, on the other hand, I think I prefer in lighter dramas, so it will be fun to see her here, reacting to the supernatural that Kokdu seems to bring with him to Earth.

Also starring are Ahn Woo-yeon (Young Lady and Gentleman) as Gye-jeol’s brother, and Dasom (Dramaworld) as Gye-jeol’s haughty co-worker.

In addition to the new teaser, new stills, and a character chart, the two stars also gave Lunar New Year greetings — and a peek into their moody promotional photo shoot here.

Directed by Baek Soo-chan (Alice) and Kim Ji-hoon (Please Check Out The Event), Kokdu: Season of Deity premieres this Friday on January 27.

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